Jemima Willcox Photography is evolving.

Meet The Willcox Collective.

No change with providing headshots, corporate photography, event coverage and brand portraits. The Willcox Collective now has added video services.

In July 2019 I got married to my amazing husband Xander. Remember that name, as you’ll be hearing it a lot more soon.

Xander has worked for an employer all his life. in fact, we met when we both worked at Jagex in their customer service team. Xander has been my unrelenting cheerleader and driving force behind Jemima Willcox Photography. His parents were the ones who said to us, your dining room could easily be turned into a studio, which at first I scoffed at. Three years later we’ve had over 55 clients, and a third of those have visited the studio. Going back to the end of 2019, Xander expressed his interest in getting a bit more involved in the business. I thought, okay. Let’s see if this could work.

Xander learns the ropes

I took him with me to assist on a client’s headshot session, then he helped me with our amazing client VNC Automotive’s first birthday group photos by being in charge of the confetti canons.

We then worked together for Lenka Koppova’s Cambridge Social Media Day 2019 official photography team alongside our awesome team member Jess Brittan.

Lenka Koppova, Xander Willcox, Jess Brittian and Jemima Willcox at Cambridge Social Media Day

Sometimes it’s rather useful to have a second pair of hands. It also made me realise for our business to grow I couldn’t do this alone. And I want my business to grow.

So after me taking some time to get over that Xander wanted to be part of the business, and to make it into a limited company we both owned and eventually jack in his 9-5, we agreed that we were going to evolve Jemima Willcox Photography into something different.

I’d like to now formally announce that The Willcox Collective has now launched!

🔹Who are The Willcox Collective?

We are adventurers on a quest to deliver tech companies the best in visual (photography and video) content. Our brand Jemima Willcox Photography creates brilliant brand portraits for amazing individuals.

🔹What do you mean by a collective?

Collaboration is a very powerful thing. Working by myself for the last three years I’ve relied on others to help me provide my clients with the outstanding service they expect from me. Now it’s time to formalise this into The Willcox Collective. We have a network of highly skilled and experienced photographers and videographers who we trust implicitly. They align with our brand values and believe in the power of collaboration.

I will still be doing all the photography, but if I’m booked I can provide you with a member of The Willcox Collective. We work with you from start to finish and take the stress out of organising numerous individuals for your brief. We are also moving into the videography space. We already have some amazing videographers as part of the Collective.

We specialise in visual content such as everything to do with photography and videography, but if you’re looking for something specific like graphic design or animation we have a wider network of amazing businesses we’d happily put you in touch with. It’s all about the spirit of collaboration.

🔹Who does what?

I (Jemima) will still be front and centre of the business until Xander joins full time and I will be doing all the photography where possible. Xander will be working behind the scenes on editing and business development. We will both be out and about at places like The Marketing Meetup and Optimisey so please come say hello!

🔹What does that mean if I’m one of your clients?

Nothing will change with the excellent level of service you receive. You’ll notice that The Willcox Collective branding will be more prominent and because we’re a collective we can offer you a more flexible service for your individual needs. It’s highly likely I’ve mentioned this to you already and were possibly introduced you to Xander.

🔹What about if I’m thinking about working with you?

Amazing! The major difference will depend on what services you’re looking for. If you’re an individual looking for a brand portrait shoot or headshots, you’ll be looked after by Jemima Willcox Photography. If you’re a corporate client, you’ll be supported by The Willcox Collective.

We’re working on The Willcox Collective website so when it’s complete Jemima Willcox Photography’s website will have everything to do with studio headshots and brand portraits geared towards our individual clients.

The Willcox Collective’s website will cater to our corporate clients. If you’re looking for a photographer or videographer for a brief you have which might include headshots, bespoke marketing stock imagery or you’ve got an event you’d like covered The Willcox Collective will be the team who will do that for you.

It’s a super exciting time…

We’re so proud of the work we’ve done on evolving the business, the work we’ve done so far our clients and it’s just going to get even better becoming a company.

if you’d like more information on The Willcox Collective here for our company info pack.

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