A personal brand portrait is one option when getting yourself a business headshot.

You could choose to have a studio headshot or a location shoot, but what’s the right style for you and your brand?

I define a personal brand to be knowing who you are and what you stand for and telling that to the world.’

In this blog I will be covering:

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We all know how important it is to have an image to use for your social media and website but what makes a brand portrait different? Let’s go into more specifics.

What is a Brand portrait?

Simply, It’s an image of you which communicates your personality, your story, and your brand. People buy from people and having an accurate visual representation of you and your brand will give you that extra edge over your competition. You are putting an authentic face to your brand.

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Why should I invest in a Brand Portrait?

You might be self-employed, a freelancer or own your own company so you are your business, you are the professional providing the services your clients want. Therefore doesn’t it make sense it should be your face which clients associate with the business?

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By investing in a brand portrait session you will get a unique set of images which you can use across your social media channels, marketing collateral, print as well as for press and magazine coverage.

It’s a really enjoyable experience even if you dislike your photo being taken!

If you intend to use your imagery for press releases or PR high-quality imagery will significantly increase your space in the press. It has the effect of bumping your story from being a NIB (news in brief) to a headline story. The right photos will contribute to giving your brand a strong head start in the media.

A renewed feeling of confidence in your brand. No more embarrassment about picking a photo you’re not 100% happy with. Have a look at my brand portrait page to get an idea what’s involved with the process.


What’s the difference between a brand portrait shoot and a headshot?

A headshot session is most commonly associated with an actor working with a photographer in a studio. The photographer in this scenario is using lighting techniques to bring out features of the actor to show to casting agents.

Brand Portraits Jemima Willcox photography

In a business sense, the headshot portrait is more than suitable for LinkedIn and social media profile pictures but in my opinion, lacks the ability to tell a story about a person individuality.

Often the photographer’s style is more recognizable than the individual and can lack creativity. But it does come down to personal preference and where this image is going to be used. You need to be aware if your headshots match your brand.

With a brand portrait, the images created are solely focused on bringing out the individuals personalty in a less contrived environment, whilst reflecting their brand and resulting in facilitating the individual with a varied collection of on brand bespoke imagery.  It completely depends on the person if this is the style which suits them best and their needs. It’s important to have this conversation with your photographer to identify if they understand what you want and if they’re the right person to work with.

If you’d like to talk about your brand and how you can attract more clients, book a call with me. I’d love to hear from you!

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