It’s the final week of Stock Photography Noughts and Crosses.

In this the final week of stock photography noughts and crosses watch business owners that I laid down this challenge to see who was the stock photo noughts and crosses champion! I’m going to be reflecting on the experience I’ve had and the things I’ve learnt during the last four weeks.

One of the local communities I’m part of is called Shifties. I went to a co-working session in St Neots and I laid down the challenge to them. Here’s how they got on.

What I learnt:

The major thing I’ve learnt about creating this whole game stock photo noughts and crosses is that people had fun! It was a different way. It was engaging. People got really competitive, and really, really wanted to win. So, it made me feel great that people got involved and stuck in.

What it showed me, it got people to really identify the different categories of stock photos, like the inspirational quotes, travel and the perfect desk. It then really opened their mind to actually understand how saturated these types of imagery are, and also, how they could stop falling into that trap.

Why did I create stock photo noughts and crosses?

Simply, to raise that awareness, make people think a little bit about these stock images and what kind of impact they’re having on your brand.

Two things really stood out with my community’s engagement through this month of playing stock photo noughts and crosses.

Number One: Stock photos are just too perfect.

I was blown away by my community’s feelings that stock photography was too perfect. When something’s just a bit too perfect, it doesn’t come across trustworthy. Now, within business, you want to be able to be trustworthy. People buy from people, and having that initial trust factor is so important. Stock photography does not communicate trust because it’s just too perfect.

Number Two: Stock photography is a necessary evil.

It’s no secret I’m not a fan of stock photography. But I need to acknowledge its place in the world. Stock photography is generic, it’s boring, and as we’ve discovered the last couple of weeks, it’s untrustworthy, and I really believe that now.

You’re authenticity as a business depends on the perception that you give out. Stock photography is giving you that perception of perfection. Depends on what you’re trying to say about your business, but we’re all human, and we all want to be taken seriously. So, put some effort into authenticity on your own brand, and create your own images.

Try it.

I really want to encourage you to go out and create your own images, because they’re yours, they’re beautiful, and they’re unique. And they’re specific to your brand. Or, maybe you’d like to work with me to help you create those images together.

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