Stock Photo Noughts & Crosses Challenge

I challenge you to play Stock Photo Noughts & Crosses!

Part of my stock photography month, I’ve created a game to highlight the type of imagery which businesses are using online, and it’s a lot of fun! I challenged Lenka Koppová to play, can you guess who won?

I asked Lenka how she felt about playing Stock Photo Noughts And Crosses:

“This was great, I absolutely loved this. Especially the last one when, so quickly I got like three in a row just based on inspo quote because the quote had a nice mixture of really random authentic photos which could not be classified either as a perfect desk, technology or anything like that.

But there have been enough inspirational quotes, you could see that different people have different varieties of this kind of stock-ish style of pictures. It makes you think about what other content you can bring to your own social media, your own imagery to create variety.”

I challenge you to play Stock Photo Noughts & Crosses.

Go on, have a go! You can find the instructions below. Document your game with video or photos, use the hashtag #StockPhoto0X and send them to me and you will feature in my video this month!

Click here to play ?

Why don’t you challenge your friends to play? Click the Twitter icon to challenge them to play with you.

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