In this blog, I’ll share five brilliant tips on how to take a professional headshot with your phone.

I will always recommend seeking out a professional photographer to take your headshots (if your an actor, in business or a professional needing a Linkedin image) because they have the equipment, knowledge, and experience to create the best shot.

how to take a professional headshot with your phone

1: Find a white or neutral colour background.

A client of mine actually used his bathroom as a location to take his headshot before working with me. When I chatted with him about his image I was surprised to hear that he’d taken it on a phone as it looked professional. You’ll also usually find most bathroom windows have frosted windows which help diffuse the light so it won’t cast harsh shadows. Make sure you also choose clothes which reflect your personality and feel comfortable. Make sure you don’t blend into the background.

how to take a professional headshot with your phone

2: Set your phone to portrait mode.

It’s highly likely that your phone will have a portrait or selfie mode. This mode has inbuilt face tracking and will ensure that the focus is on your face and takes what would be a normal quality shot close to what you’d get on a DLSR.

how to take a professional headshot with your phone

3: The perfect pose and angle.

This is where you get to have a bit of a play and try some different poses and angles. Make sure you have your camera held in landscape (this can help with social media cropping) and there’s enough negative space around you for that perfect crop. Make angles with your body like crossing your arms, your hands on your hips. This is the awesome fun part where you get to try everything and see what works!

how to take a professional headshot with your phone

4: Lighting

This is so important to get right and will make the difference between an average image and a brilliant image. It’s best to use indirect natural lighting. As I mentioned before about the bathroom lighting you’ll need a window and try standing 45 degrees in front of your light source.

Play around at different times of the day. Morning light can be soft but midday light is going to be harsh and angular. You can also experiment with Golden Hour lighting. Apps like Golden Hour will tell you the type of light at a specific time in a specific area.

how to take a professional headshot with your phone

5: Tips and tricks

The one basic thing you’ll need to compose a great phone headshot is a tripod. They’re inexpensive, help you get the best angle and will stop any possible blur or camera shake. If you can’t get hold of a tripod, ask a friend to help.

Why not play around with a few editing apps to give your portrait some enhancement? I’d suggest having a play with FaceTune.

You can lighten up your background, improve your skin, generally enhance you’re already awesome self. My professional advice is not to go too far as you want to look like you!

Take loads of photos! It’s highly unlikely you’ll get the best shot first time so just keep going. If you feel weird or uncomfortable in front of the camera make sure you intermittently pull faces, sing and get into the mood of enjoying the experience. Aim to get a verity of facial expressions and mood which suits you.

Give yourself enough time. You want this to work and get a great shot. I normally take between 30 to 60 minutes to capture the best portrait so do the same!

If this is just too much hassle, or you don’t have the time to experiment, why don’t you book in a portrait session with me? Not only you’ll have an amazing time you’ll also get images which perfectly reflect your personality.

If you’re not ready to book as yet, let’s have a chat and delve deeper into your brand. Book a call with me.

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