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A leading design and innovation technology consultancy. Their purpose is to solve today’s hardest engineering problems in sensing, data collection and communications.


To create bigger, better, brighter, personality-filled corporate headshots and marketing collateral imagery.


Wooed by the mood [board]…

It started how every great project starts… with a face-to-face chat at the client’s office. By learning more about Plextek’s business and brief, we went away and created a mood board – a visual ideas hub created on the back of competitor research, headshot styles and bespoke imagery. This gave Plextek a vision of what was possible, as well as a theme to run with.

Smooth operator…

A smooth process comes from proper planning. Or as Alexander Graham Bell said, “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success.”

Before the shoot, we sent over a staff guide on everything from what to wear to what props to bring (where there are props there is fun). Marketing Manager Edwina Mullins got right into the spirit of the shoot and brought in her own selection of props just in case the team forgot theirs!

We also created a checklist for the client that planned the day from start to finish. And if that wasn’t preparation enough, we brought on board our assistant Jess Brittian to make sure the right people were photographed at the right times and their images were labelled accordingly.

Capturing the good times…

Planning and preparation done, it was photo time. The brief was all about fun and creativity, so we made it upbeat. We had props, which went down a treat (especially when marketing manager Edwina added some weird and wonderful things of her own). We told jokes and shared stories, creating a buzz around the place that shone through in headshots and marketing photos.

And with the camera tethered to a laptop, the client was able to pick out their favourite images on the day, speeding up delivery time by 3-5 days – another bit of prep for success.


Back at Willcox HQ…

A mammoth two-and-a-half days of snapping complete and admin taken care of, all that was needed was some added sparkle – a bit of editing here, some retouching there. That done, a first edit landed in the client’s inbox within three working days. Two months later, the project was complete and photos were delivered in time for Christmas, accompanied by extra gifts from us. 🙂


Drum roll, please…

Plextek wanted headshots and group images with personality. They needed something bespoke to them that reflected their culture and status in the tech world. And that’s exactly what they got.

The images have been used across the company’s marketing channels, transforming how Plextek appears to the outside world, from formal and corporate to vibrant and energetic.

Kind words…

“We had a brief to produce a set of standard corporate headshots, and then some kooky more exciting headshots. We wanted to find a photographer who could be creative and produce images that were away from ‘normal’. Jemima accepted the challenge with great spirits and took our company’s huge variety of props and ideas in her stride. We wanted to show how our brand is made up of really interesting characters, and Jemima’s photography has communicated that message.”

Edwina Mullins – Marketing Manager



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