On the 5th of September 2017…

I presented to a 50 strong audience at PechaKucha Cambridge how to not suck when taking photos of yourself. It was possibly one of the most exhilarating things I have ever done. I loved every minute but the anxiety was heightened when the wonderful event organiser Jon Torrens told me I was headlining… or going last.

What is PechaKucha?

PechaKucha 20×20 is a simple presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images. It’s a Japanese created concept which is loosely translated into ‘chit chat’.

Through the night we had eight speakers, and the delight of it was the audience didn’t know what the speakers were going to talk about. I didn’t even know so it was a pleasant surprise!

PechaKucha Cambridge Margaret Sturton





We started with the talented Margeret Sturton – MA children’s book illustration who talked us through her course at Anglia Ruskin which was a great insight into what her course included.

PechaKucha Cambridge Nicky Peters

PechaKucha Cambridge Nicky Peters



The rather lovely Nicky Peters spoke and I hugely admire her that she did. She had some tech issues and actually nearly didn’t present anything and wanted to pull out of the event. But she overcame the challenge which was the main focus of her talk which was very inspiring.

PechaKucha Cambridge Suzie Webb





I thought that Suzie Web‘s talk was the most interesting. She spoke about living a fridge freezer less life. It was fascinating to learn how you’d need to adapt to live with the way you cook. Leafy greens are eaten first and root vegetables last!

PechaKucha Cambridge Ciaron Dunne






Ciaron Dunne presented how his company GenieVentures approached recruiting in a different way. GenieVentures doesn’t accept CV’s but has a well-written selection of questions which does filter out unsuitable candidates. They then go on to a ‘speed date’ style meet and greet with five different employees. You can listen and view the presentations here.

I was a little cheeky and got my friend to record my talk. You can watch it below!

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Want more tips and tricks like I suggested in the video, read how good posture can transform your images.

Are you interested in being a speaker? Contact Jon Torrens and he’ll set you up!

Jemima Willcox is a personal brand portrait photographer based in Cambridge, UK.

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