Propel your business forward by mastering your businesses visual branding.

 Would you like to nail your business’s brand visuals?

Do you feel confused about what your brand stands for?

This interactive workshop focuses on business brand photography, will demystify what is a brand, why your brand visuals are important and how they can help to grow your business.

I will provide you with the tools to understand and develop your own brand values and apply them to your business visuals. This workshop will be running in 2020 at my photography studio.

What will be covered?

  • What a brand is and understand its importance for your business
  • Understand your brand
  • Create and develop your own brand values
  • Create a photographic visual branding plan for your images

You’ll walk away with a defined set of brand values, feeling in control of what your brand represents, with ideas on how to make your visuals stand out and a plan for a brand portrait shoot.

You’ve really helped me and my business partner to think about our own branding and try to get it sorted. Somehow these things are always easier to do on other people than yourself!

I really enjoyed the workshop and wanted to let you know that you are really inspiring.


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 Who should attend?

  • Business owners, freelancers, marketing and PR professionals, and entrepreneurs, who want to understand how to define their own brand by having a firm grasp on their brand values, applying these values to their photographic marketing materials. 
  • This is a beginner level workshop. No prior knowledge required.


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