How to look good in your photos – check your posture!

This tip is useful if you’ve booked a professional session with a professional photographer, taking a selfie, or even in a group. But this is going to really, really project to you to looking really good in your photos to looking awesome – have good posture.Bad Posture

A really useful tip on how to look good in photos is don’t slouch. Now I am guilty of this. I’m doing it now. I’m not particularly looking good at this moment because I slouch, and I know I slouch, and it’s something that you get into a pattern and you do.

To stop yourself slouching, what you should be doing any time that your camera is in front of you, you should imagine there is a string right in the middle of your head that’s pulling yourself up. Just an imaginary string pulling up, and what it’s doing is that when you imagine the string pulling your head up, it’s pulling your chin up, it’s pulling your shoulders up.

When you pull your shoulders up and your chin up, your chest and your shoulders are brought up, so instead of slouching and turning inwards to yourself and not looking very good, try the imaginary string trick and your images will be transformed.

It’s all about the way you present yourself.

You’ve got to think about how you’re perceived. does your posture communicate that you look lazy, uninterested, not particularly passionate? No. You want people to think that you’re engaged, and you’re interested, you’re enthusiastic, as that’s non-communicative body language. What you’re doing is you’re not saying anything, but you’re communicating with your own body, that if you are of good posture, and good posture is really, really important. People will take you seriously because you’ve projected an image you want to engage with them.

Now if you have a conversation with somebody when you’ve got really bad posture, they’re thinking, “I’m not interested in what you’re saying because your body language doesn’t match to what you’re saying. You don’t really want to talk to that person, you don’t want to engage with that person because you can visibly see them retreating into themselves. Now if somebody else with some really good posture with their head up, their chin up, their shoulders back, great, you’re definitely going to engage with them and you’re going to have a meaningful interaction.Good Posture Example

So remember…

Whenever you have a camera placed in front of you, make sure that you imagine that imaginary string coming off of the top of your head. This will make you more aware and pull your head up. Pull your shoulders back. Be relaxed as well, make sure that you feel relaxed because you don’t want to be stiff. Being stiff is not a desirable state to be in when you’re being photographed. Just remember to be relaxed, you want to have good posture, and you want to project the great personality that you have by doing so.

To look good in your professional portraits is you need to have great posture and don’t slouch in your photos, it just doesn’t look any good.

What do you think?

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Jemima Willcox is a personal brand portrait photographer based in Cambridge, UK.

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