Welcome to 2019! Have you got bored with the #NewYearNewYou yet?

I thought I’d do a bit of vlog. I’m going to put life first. And basically, that means is that I’ve sat down and I’ve looked at my calendar and I’ve put in an activity or something that’s all about me, so, and really what I want to try doing is put life first and the business to fit around that and prioritise activities and things.

Generally what I wanna do with it is just reinvigorate, feel inspired about my surroundings, and Cambridge is beautiful and there’s many things going on. So, this is just a little bit of a video of things I’m gonna do and I wanna share that with you. Today, I’ve got some editing to do and this afternoon I’m going to go to an art gallery and I’ve not done that in so long. So yeah, stick around and I hope to share that experience with you.

Check out the video here:

Here’s the transcript from the rest of the video:

I have completed my morning. It was productive. And now I’m taking control and I’m going out to a couple of things. I’m gonna go to an art gallery.

I’m gonna indulge in having McDonald’s because I hardly ever eat it and it’ll be quite nice. I’m gonna join the library. I’m going to buy some new pens and I think I’m gonna try do a sketch note whilst I’m actually in the library.

So, something I wanted to show you is kitten corner. Kitten corner is a place not far from us where we have a house that has loads of cats. And you can see at the back, little black one there we call Scraggly Tail. This one, is being uber cute. We did give her a name but we actually can’t remember it. But we think about times where they have parties and we guess, how many times there, how many cats there are on here. So just wanna share kitten corner with you all.

I’m in the center of the city now and it’s actually pretty damn busy. It’s out of tourist season now, so, we’re coming into new student season. So I am going to get some food from McDonald’s, yay. It’s cheap and it’s warm. One of the things I wanna do is spend more time in spaces that I’ve not really spent much time in, and I think it would be great idea to go in, see what kind of photography stuff and art stuff they have, get myself a library card. I haven’t had one of those in years, ooh exciting!

That was a fantastic time in the library. I actually feel really good and inspired and some questions running by my head about things I can do. So I’ve got some food, got myself some new pens from Tiger, so I’m gonna carry on sketch noting because it looks awful, but may as well try. And now to the Heong Gallery for a bit more art.

Wow, I actually feel really energised and full of ideas. That was a fantastic exhibit, really really impactful, colourful and quite thought-provoking as well. So I think this is working. I think having some time off to go and visit new ideas, refresh, get like really invigorated with life, oh, I’m actually quite impressed.

So I suggest, go do something different. Go take a couple of hours off and chill out and find something to sketch, to draw. So I did some sketch notes and they are awful, but, I did it anyway, so. I’ve had a fantastic day and it’s the first of many.

Do you put time aside to do something different? Let me know!

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