Cambridge Social Media Day was immense.

Ah, it was amazing. Did you see the video? Find it below ?

I captured a behind the scenes look at all of the things going on the day before, the atmosphere, and all the buzz going on during the day.

Why did I create the behind the scenes video for Cambridge Social Media Day?

Andrew and Pete, the keynote speakers, spoke about making 90% of the content you create the most enjoyable and the most fun. Video, I find a really enjoyable thing to do. Blogging, on the other hand, and writing is really difficult for me to do being dyslexic. So, it’s all about having fun and creating something that you enjoy doing. And video is just that.

Did you know that YouTube user publish 300 hours of content hourly? And that, in 2019, 80% of all content created will be video? So, you’ve got a bit of an idea of how video can be really impactful for your business and why I’m choosing to use this as my medium of choice.

But why does this matter to your brand? The major reason is people want to know you. They want to understand you and see behind the scenes of how you operate, work with your customers, and generally who you are as a person. All in all, people want to get to know you better.

You have the opportunity to inspire, evoke emotion, and appeal to your audience in a truly authentic way.

Your brand is changing continually and this gives you the opportunity to tell that story to your audience. And telling that story gives your audience an opportunity to keep connected, which in turn, will bring you new views, and in the long run, new customers.

So, I see you, you’re nodding your head at me. You’re saying, “Jemima, I’ve got this. You’ve inspired me. Brilliant. Okay. How do I start?” And then the dread kicks in and you’re not sure how to or what to use, but hey, don’t worry. Stop it. Stop worrying. I’ve got you.

Here’s a simple dimple easy-peasy way to start: Get your phone in your hand, turn on the camera, look into the lens, and tell the camera who you are, what you do, and why. Tada! You’ve just made your first video.

For Cambridge Social Media Day, I took a couple of bits of different equipment and I’m gonna go over the basics of how I shot, how I edited, and what equipment I used to give you some inspiration.

The camera I used is my Samsung Galaxy S7. Now, you’d be surprised that you can do so much with a phone, but phones are very, very powerful these days.

The next piece of equipment is a new shiny piece of equipment, which I’ve been wanting for ages, is this beautiful thing. It is a DGI Osmo 2 Gimbal. Now, a gimbal is a piece of equipment that stabilises images. So, when you’re moving around, it gives you a nice, smooth, controlled feature and it’s amazing. It’s absolutely brilliant.

Other features on there as well are that you have a joystick to be able to move the camera around, the ability to record and stop here as well, and a zoom function on the side. And the app that it comes with allows you to do face tracking, allows you to do slow-mo, time lapses, hyper time lapses, lots of really different effects to give your video a different aspect and amazingness.

I’m so pleased I’ve got it. I waited about a year before I decided to buy this. I’ve been tracking this one for absolutely ages. I Bought it from Jessops second hand, a refurbished model for around £90, which pretty much is very, very, cheap for these kinds of things.

I had two ladies at Cambridge Social Media Day come up to me and ask me what I was using, and I explained why a gimbal was so great, and they were fascinated. So, if you are able to get one, look them up. It’ll make a massive difference in the quality of video that you record.

The other piece of equipment I used for filming is this. It’s the Manfrotto Mini Tripod, retails around £20-30 on Amazon. Very useful when you want to do some time lapses or you want to put the camera down on the floor. It gives you a bit more stability in having a mini tripod like this. It’s invaluable. I also use it for other pieces of equipment and filming behind the scenes on my shoots as well.

So that’s all the equipment I use. Now, I’m gonna go on to talking about the process of putting the video together.

The whole idea of you doing videos is to show your brand and tell your brand’s story. When shooting the day before and during Cambridge Social Media Day, I had a couple of ideas of things, how I wanted to create the story, so I made some notes. I definitely wanted to show that we were meeting for dinner and the pre-preparation of the goodie bag stuffing.

I also wanted to show the journey of somebody coming into the event, the speakers, behind the scenes, and create some real energy and enthusiasm and excitement with interviewing a few of the speakers beforehand to get their thoughts on what they were looking forward to most.

It’s so important for you to make a note of the key things that you want to capture, have it there present in your mind so you know what you need to do and how you can put the story together.

Once I shot all the content, the day after, I loaded it all onto my PC and before I did anything with it, I watched through all the bits and pieces that I’d created. Once I had the best idea of all the content I’d done, I’d put myself together a little bit of a storyboard. This is still a new process for me, still getting to it in my head! I used the storyboard to put together how I wanted it to flow through the day and the elements I wanted to capture in the final video but keeping it under 10 minutes.

My final step is the thing that’s quite time-consuming, the editing. I’m self-taught with editing. Through University, we were encouraged to do videos and we used Final Cut Pro. There are quite a few open-source programmes out there, but I use one called Wondershare Filmora.

It’s quite reasonably priced for an annual subscription. It allows you to import video, images, and do everything you need to do. Editing, for these types of videos that I’m doing, only takes me around an hour to 90 minutes. Cambridge Social Media Day’s editing took me around 5 hours.

If you’ve got any questions about creating video, the editing, or the equipment that I use, leave me a comment below.

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