Are you planning a corporate headshot day for your team?

The key to a successful business headshot day is organisation and planning!

Making sure everyone who’s involved knows what’s happening and what’s expected of them.

Many clients I work with make sure to be as organised before the event as possible. We all know that nobody likes having their headshot done and they’d much prefer avoiding it. You want to make sure everything runs smoothly.

By being prepared the chances of anything going wrong are vastly reduced,  you want your staff members to be engaged and the whole experience is a really enjoyable and positive one!

Half of the battle is organising the day, so to make this so much easier for you I’ve created a checklist which will make sure your headshot day runs smoothly.

Iansyst Staff Headshots Jemima Willcox Photography


1.      Have you booked a meeting room – is it big enough for all the equipment?

You’ll need a space which is a minimum 3×3 meters.

2.      Do you need to move furniture out of the room to accommodate the equipment? The more space the better!
3.      If you’ve decided on an in situ portraits:

Have you decided on a location?

Does it need to be cornered off for the duration of the shoot?

4.      Have you informed the staff of the day’s plan?

5.      Have you decided on how long each person’s session will last?

10-15 minutes per person is recommended.

6.     Have you scheduled reminders to all your staff so they’re prepared for the day?

7.      Have the staff been informed about any special requests like to bring in a prop?
8.     Have you allocated a person to run the day?


What to wear

1.      Do the staff know what to wear?
2.      Do you want to subtly incorporate your brand colours?

Staff must be authentic in their image so get them to ask themselves would they wear this outfit if they had a meeting with a client.

3.      Ask staff to avoid wearing small patterns as they don’t photograph well.
4.      Are you allowing staff to change outfits?

Working with your photographer effectively

1.      Have you allocated a person to run the headshot session?
2.      Have you informed the photographer who their contact is on the day?
3.      Have you created a shoot schedule plan of the day including every person’s name who will be involved?
4.      Have you sent the shooting schedule to the photographer?
5.      Has your photographer provided a personal introduction email which includes
a.      advice about clothing
b.      hair/makeup
c.      what the staff member should expect during their session?
6.     Have you agreed the time the photographer should arrive to give them enough set up time?
7.      Have you planned to provide food and drink to the photographer?

If yes, do you know if the photographer (and their assistant) have any dietary requirements?

8.     Have you scheduled a lunch break for the photographer?
9.      Has your photographer provided a personal introduction email which includes
a.      advice about what clothes staff should wear
b.      hair/makeup
c.      what the staff member should expect to happen during their session?

On the day

1.      Show the photographer where they’ll be working
2.      Inform the photographer what to do if the fire alarm goes off
3.      Inform the photographer where the toilets are
4.      Inform the photographer of any passcards they need or restricted areas
5.      Confirm with the photographer if there have been any changes in the shooting schedule.

Post Shoot

6.     How will the final images be selected?

7.      Will you let the individual or the project leader choose the final images?

8.     When you do you need the images to be ready by?
9.      How will the final images be delivered – file transfer/online gallery/USB?
10. How much retouching/cosmetic editing should the images have?
11.  Do you need images for print and for the web?


I very much hope this blog has been useful! Did it cover things you didn’t realise you needed to think about?

If you’re looking for a corporate headshot photographer with a difference why not check out my work, or drop me a line?

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