I love working with public speakers.

Having great imagery and social proof helps towards being seen as a professional and will book you more gigs.

I really enjoy getting up in front of an audience and talking to them about the things I’m most passionate about, photography, branding, and the journey that I’ve been on so far. For some, this sounds like a terrible thing, the nerves, the feeling of anxiety and getting up there. but for others, it’s what they aspire to do.

Watch the video I created on how imagery will help you book more speaking gigs or keep reading for the full transcript.

I’ve had the honour to be a speaker at the Cambridge WordPress Meetup, The Marketing Meetup, Sarah Swanson’s Happy Healthy Entrepreneur podcast, Cambridge Business Women, and I took part in Pint of Science Creative Reactions, which enabled me to talk about my work to a fantastic audience.

Cambridge WordPress Meetup


Pint Of Science Creative Reactions Cambridge 2018
Image by Emma Werner

I want to share with you now images of five of the speakers from Cambridge Social Media Day. I’m going to go through what makes them stand out, how their talks match the imagery and what I love about the images.

Here are the stories behind the speakers.

Andrew And Pete

When you look at this image, you want to know what’s going on. Why is that man kicking a beach ball into the crowd? What’s in the gimmick box to the left hand of the screen? This image shows how Andrew and Pete are creative content marketing experts.

They’re giving the spin on a marketing topic which has been widely covered and sticking true to their brand values about being on a mission to make marketing unboringed. Their talk was called Something is Better Than Nothing, The 90/10 Rule.

By using imagery like this evokes intrigue about the type of speaker you are and what you can bring to a gig. By standing out and doing something different, by chucking a beach ball into the audience, is going to engage people and make them ask questions.

Nicole Osbourne Lollipop Social

Let me ask you a question. Are you more attracted to learn about someone who looks happy or sad? Personally, it’s happy because happy equals approachable. Nicole is all about helping you create an irresistible brand on social.

By making herself irresistible in her approachability, she’s someone you want to go talk to and you won’t feel self-conscious doing so. I love this photo because it’s clear that she’s having fun. She enjoys what she does and is proud and showing it.

Rachel Extance

Not all images of speakers need to be looking directly down the lens to make a point.

This image of Rachel I especially love for its expressive nature. At this specific point during Rachel’s talk, she was focusing on how your interests and your customer’s interests collide by harassing the power of a hand gesture to emphasise her point.

I cannot get enough of speakers who harness the power of gesticulation as part of their speaking style. It creates interesting and engaging imagery and helps to tell the story of their talk.

May King Tsang

To be an authority in your domain you must be believable. May King is an authority on getting known on Twitter. I have to admit, this is one of the less crazy images I captured of her, but I chose it because it feels I’m really showing May King’s authentic self.

She’s kind, and during this talk, she showed a little vulnerability but she still remained professional. She’s engaged with her audience and another person who uses gesticulation to her advantage. This image shows May King to be in her element and really displays her as an authority in her domain.

Paul Ince

The right clothing can make a statement.

Paul is the co-founder of MarketEd Live, which is a conference for professional marketers, and he is the director LikeMind Media.

He’s a self-confessed introvert, an award-winning marketer, who chaired Cambridge Social Media Day’s panel discussion. I don’t think you’d say from this image Paul is an introvert. From this image, Paul looks to be having an amazing time, even though his right-hand looks like it’s a rather uncomfortable position.

Seeing him look out into the audience is making you wonder what the discussion is been about. For Paul, opportunities like this are one thing he does best. He said that it’s about having a conversation and encouraging people to be part of it.

This image shows Paul has very open body language, an expression of enthusiasm on his face. This is the man who wants you to come and join in with his conversation.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the stories behind these speaker’s images.

If you’re on a journey to get more speaking gigs and you really could do with more social proof, why don’t you book in a discovery call so we can get to know each other better? I can’t wait to hear from you!


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