As a photographer, I need to be on the ball with social media.

Not only that, I need to make sure I have good quality, informative and inspiring blog content consistently being shared with my community.

I have a confession to make. I am not consistent. I have a problem with consistency but I think it’s possible I’ve found the answer. It was provided to me by my good friend Emma Cossey as I’m part of her Freelance Lifestyle Facebook group. Let me introduce to you Hiplay.

What is Hiplay?

Hiplay is a social media scheduling tool which integrates with Buffer. It enables you to use the content you’ve scheduled through Buffer and enable you to select posts to schedule over and over again.

Why do I use this tool?

I’ve laid it out there with my confession on consistency, and part of this is not wasting my time creating new content every day! I know I have some really interesting blogs and sharing them on Twitter once isn’t going to cut it. Did you know that the life of a Tweet is around 15 minutes? Using Hiplay provides me consistency with the content I share and reassurance that it’s getting my stuff out there!

The 3 things I love the most about Hiplay

  1. The customer support

I’m sure you’re like me when you sign up for a new thing and use it once, then to remember your trial is about to expire and you want to ask a question about the difference in the plan features. This is another symptom of being inconsistent. I was looking at how much Hiplay costs and I was really surprised to find out it starts at $5 per month (around £3.60) so not expensive at all. I wanted to know what the difference between the basic plan and the popular plan. I had a very nice live chat conversation with Kestutis and he explained the differences very clearly:

The Basic plan allows you to schedule evergreen content, but the popular plan gives you more flexibility on when you want the content to be posted right down to different times on different days.

I also got the conversation emailed to me, and he was extremely helpful. Hiplay has set the bar for good and uncomplicated customer service.

2. Seamless integration with Buffer

Here’s another confession: I’ve only recently started using Buffer. I was a Hootsuite gal for a long time, but a lot of my other freelancer colleagues use it and a client I worked with for over a year also used it, which meant I slowly became a fan. Anything you can ‘plug in’ to buffer and not see massive big error messages or your posts looking wonky is a massive plus for me! It’s also very simple and straightforward to do.

Once you’ve connected your desired social platforms, you’ll have a feed which will pull anything you’ve scheduled into Buffer to your Hiplay feed. It’s pretty damn simple to then put whatever post you want into your Hiplay library – ta-da! it’s now going to become evergreen content and be posted more than once.

Easy peasy clear design

3. Schedule Flexibility Options

So you’ve chosen a post to reuse, but you want to have a bit of control over when it’s posted and how often. I have found in the past other programs I’ve used give you too much choice, and you suddenly feel overwhelmed and avoid coming back to use the tool again. Hiplay has a very smooth and clear user interface, which is reflected in their menus. Take the scheduling options screen:

Uncomplicated easy choices.

If you want to get a little deeper into organising your content Hiplay also has a categories tab. So I’ve got content like my ‘how to blogs’ and ‘interviews’ in there so I can keep track of what’s going out, and turn the category off and on when I want too. Another little gem is being able to control how frequently the content is put out there.

What makes it better than the other tools I’ve used?

It’s simplicity.

Other tools I’ve used enjoy throwing a massive amount of functionality at you, and when you want something to do the job well you’re not going to spend hours learning how to use all its bells and whistles. If I could suggest to the lovely people at Hiplay, I’d ask for a few cosmetic tweaks like having a calendar design for my scheduled posts, a drop and drag function to add them to the calendar, and maybe making the posts into a grid so I’m not constantly scrolling.

Otherwise it does the job I want it too, and hopefully will never leave me to be inconsistent again!

Do you have any tools which you love doing and save you tonnes of time? Let me know in the comments below or Tweet me.

Jemima Willcox is a personal brand portrait photographer based in Cambridge, UK.

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