You’ve put a huge amount of effort setting up your business. You’ve got your website looking slick, your social channels are on point and your LinkedIn profile is complete… but there’s one thing which is missing from your arsenal. A professional business headshot.

You could use that nice picture of yourself at that wedding but it’s missing that something you’ve seen your other connections have. A kick-ass professional business portrait. It’s not something which is high on your priority list but it should be.

I asked fellow community members of Freelance Heroes and The Freelance Lifestyle Facebook groups their opinions on the value and importance of professional headshots for small business owners and freelancers. Enjoy!

Emma Cossey headshot - The Freelance LifestyleI felt like I was seen as more professional and taken more seriously when I had them.

Emma Ward – The Freelance Lifestylers


The importance of visual images that truly represent you & your business cannot be underestimated. With websites often the first port of call for someone deciding whether to use your services or buy your products, having quality images can make the difference between a decision to make an inquiry or to click away and continue searching.

As for the value of headshots/images, people are more likely to trust and relate to a business if potential clients can see the person behind it on their website/social/online presence. Whoever you choose to take your photographs, having quality, professional images are a no brainer.

Kate Aktin – Speaker and Facilitator

Lisa Cordaro Headshot I pay attention to the look of someone’s website – it’s representing who they are and it’s important that time and care has gone into it. But good headshots – definitely, always, no matter your business. Especially for one’s website, social media and any sort of PR/publicity.

Lisa Cordaro – Owner and Editor at Lisa Cordaro Publishing Services.


Karen Arnott headshot Matt WidgeryI think if you are the service you sell then professional photos are crucial. my website wouldn’t be complete without my images of (both headshots and me ‘working’)

Karen Arnott – Web and graphic design



I think that having professional photos (not only headshots but a personalised set of stock photos, behind the scenes and about photos) is important to establish a strong brand. People process visual information much quicker than text and having a strong visual style can help you get noticed in the noise. Plus having professional headshots should be a standard in business. If you can’t put the extra effort into making yourself look good, how can your clients trust you to deliver professional and high-quality services to them?

Lenka Koppova Social Media Consultant

Lyndsey Clark HeadshotI had mine done about a year or so ago – it’s so great to have something easily available for people who ask and that I’m happy with and don’t cringe about.

Lyndsey Clark – Museum exhibitions consultant


I think a good headshot shows professionalism but being very camera shy it’s important to find the right person to give you confidence as it shows in the outcome. I do like to see whom I’m talking to if possible but aware that I am the most self-critical person and constantly putting off photos and videos for that reason so I can hardly claim to be dancing in front of a camera, in fact I mostly hide away!

Berenice Smith – Hello Lovely graphic design

Do you think you might have undervalued the power of a professional headshot? I’d love to know what you think of these opinions and if you agree or disagree with them? Let me know in the comments below or tweet me: @Jemimawillcox

If this blog has made you think about getting some professional headshots done, check out my headshot page or book in a discovery call with me? I’d love to hear from you.

Jemima Willcox is a personal brand and business headshot portrait photographer based in Cambridge, UK.

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