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You’ve been putting off getting a professional business headshot for a long time now.

Mainly because you hate having your photo taken, you’re awkward in front of the camera and don’t know where to put your hands. You tell yourself ‘ I don’t look good in photos…’

You don’t want to pose or be told to smile. You don’t want the images to look cheesy.

If you’re female and reading this, you might feel more comfortable having your photo taken by another woman.

You want to have fun, feel relaxed and at ease and forget your nerves when the camera comes out. You want professional images which accurately represent you as a professional or the business you run.

I know you really want high-quality images you can use on social media, on a website and in print. You want to look natural and images which really show off your awesome personality

I am someone who generally considers themselves not to be the most photogenic person on the planet nor am I that comfortable with having their photograph taken.

If you are that person too – I can 100% confirm that if you go to Jemima, you will be in very good hands!

Jemima cares passionately about making sure her clients are comfortable.

So much so that she goes to great lengths to order in your favourite cake and put together a playlist of your favourite music.

She also cares about making sure those photographs fit with the brand image you want to project

Joanne Parker

CEO, Pushbike B2b

I know we’re a great match because I create a relaxed atmosphere where I’ll put you at ease by talking through any worries or concerns you have.

Your session is bespoke to you, down to the music that’s playing and the food and drink I’ve prepared for you.

I won’t bring out the camera until you feel completely ready and relaxed. I will not rush you and I will take the time to capture images which make you look natural and show your personality.

I will never ask you to smile. Our conversation will help you do that naturally.

At the end of the session, we’ll review the images and I’ll help you create a shortlist. I’ll make sure you know the next steps and that’ll be our session over..

Not ready to book yet?

That’s totally okay! I’m sure you might have a few questions for me and want to find out if we’re a good fit.

I would love to talk about how we can work together. 

Headshots FAQs

What should I wear?
You want to wear something which you love and feel comfortable in. For ladies, you need to apply the same amount of make-up you would on any other day.
I hate having my photo taken! How will you get around this?
Don’t worry! You’re not alone feeling this way. I will spend time with you before my camera comes out of my bag and get to know you with a nice cup of tea or if you’d like a large G&T!
How long will the shoot take?

Depending on which package you choose the shoot shouldn’t take longer than one hour to a maximum of three hours.

Please give yourself adequate time before so you don’t arrive feeling flustered.

I’m still on the fence about working with you or not. I need further convincing.
Not a problem. Please have a look at my testimonials page for feedback my clients have given me.
How much retouching do you do on the images?

Very little. I don’t believe that excessive use of photoshop.

I use basic retouching such as adjusting the exposure, contrast and colour balance. 

These packages do include some cosmetic retouching but this is only to enhance your already beautiful self.

I’m looking something different than what you have advertised in your packages?
That’s very interesting to hear! I’d love to tailor something bespoke for you. Get in touch and we can discuss this in more detail.
Is there parking?


My studio is located inside the Barclays Eagle Lab incubator which has off-road parking.

When you make a booking part of the confirmation you’ll get the car park entry code.

I would thoroughly recommend Jemima to be your portrait photographer.

I worked with Jemima a few months ago to come up with a new image for my social media. I wasn’t looking for a boring headshot as I wanted to really show what my brand was about.

Jemima was very open to brainstorming and we both came up with what seemed, after amazing feedback from my community, to portray authenticity, aliveness and achievement.

I got to know Jemima and she is a thoroughly professional and caring person which really matters to me about the people I work with.

Rachael Orchard

Jemima is passionate, enthusiastic and most of all cares not just about her quality of work, but also her individual client experience, her professional yet warm personable style instantly puts you at ease.

Jemima has drive and enthusiasm and this shows in her quality of work, she knows how to bring her photographs to life.

Working with Jemima is such a lovely experience and I will always be happy to recommend her.

Soreya Senior

Jemima responded to my initial enquiry for portrait photography promptly and provided a thorough questionnaire to determine client needs and preferences before arranging the photo session.

Jemima has clearly put a lot of thought into optimising the (online) customer journey, resulting in a smooth, streamlined process for clients to contract, schedule and pay.

The photo session was very time-efficient. Jemima’s recommendations for setup resulted in a set of photos with which I am very pleased.

Gordon Davies

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