A popular feature of any modern wedding is to have a photo booth to capture your guests having a great time and generally pulling some very silly faces.

You can go for an automatic booth or a photographer with professional lighting. The latter brings personality and knows how to get your guests posing for the best images from the booth.

Here are my tips if you are considering hiring a photo booth for your big day:

  1. Talk to your photographer and tell them exactly what you want from them being there. Are there people who must come use the booth? When will the bride and groom get the chance to have a go? No one wants to feel left out.
  2. The aim of the booth being there is to contribute to your guest’s enjoyment of your event and capture a memorable experience. Don’t overcomplicate the process.
  3. If you are considering having a photo booth tie it in with your theme. This might include a customised backdrop, very specific props and add personalisation with the bride and groom’s name and the date of the wedding.
  4. Where will the booth be set up? Will it be somewhere that guests will be able to see as photo booths are a spectator sport! Make it as easy as possible for your guests to take advantage of the booth.
  5. A photo booth is a feature to enhance your reception so it should be available right at the beginning of the reception any ready for guests when they aren’t occupied with eating, dancing or listening to the speeches. The beauty of this is that at the beginning of the event your guests are still relaxing into the event and will cautiously try out the booth. Once they realise how much fun it is and they’ve had a couple of drinks, they’ll drag everyone to have a go again and again.

You can also find this article in Eastlife Magazine on page 69.

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