This week we go in a different direction and focus on the commissions we’ve done for 3D printing.


Shifties is a community designed for small businesses owners to connect, learn and grow together. This group was created by Alex Hughes owner of Shift momentum.


Create a bespoke 3D print of the Shifities logo to be sold to raise money for their ‘We’re still here’ mental health campaign.

The ongoing coronavirus outbreak and the subsequent lockdown has caused widespread chaos, panic and, for many business owners, a level of uncertainty the likes of which they’ve never experienced before. All these factors combined, plus the self-isolation measures, will have taken their toll on many people’s mental health.

To raise awareness and provide mental health support during this particularly testing time, our local CPSL Mind charity is encouraging us to seek help early if we are feeling overwhelmed or distressed.

Lifeline Plus Launches in Cambridgeshire and Peterborough

To support this extremely worthwhile cause, the Shifties Community has launched their own ‘We’re Still Here’ campaign to highlight to the world just how resilient us business owners are in the face of adversity.

The campaign includes a video montage of Shifties members sending a message out to the business world that “yes, things are pretty grim right now, but we are still here!” and for other business owners to “remain strong”. In turn, with the momentum that the video hopefully gains, we’ll raise some decent money for charity, all the while spreading an important message to boost morale among small businesses.


I’d shown Alex some examples of the work we’d done for other clients and he was excited about what we’d done. We sent him a prototype of the Shifties logo, and he liked it so much he commissioned 60 of them.

These keyrings were intended to be sold to raise money for the Shifties ‘We’re still here’ Mental health campaign.

We purchased a specific resin which suited the colour of the logo and got printing.

The whole process took just over 10 days from start to finish. We made sure the finish was high quality by using a gloss varnish.

Here’s what’s involved when making a 3D printed item:

Here are the results:




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