Event Photography

I understand

I know you’re not looking for someone who needs constant supervision, who has no interpersonal skills and does not follow your requirements. Someone who doesn’t communicate what’s included in their rate and skips out at the earliest convenience.

I know you’re worried about the specific list of images you’ve provided as part of your brief won’t be captured, that attention to detail and timing will be ignored. You need to be sure that there’s a high level of sensitivity and care towards your guests whatever their age or occupation.

I know that you want your photographer to just get on with the job and have a friendly demeanour who people respond well too. You want someone who is flexible and have a 6th sense to capture the atmosphere and know exactly what is going on but also to blend in amongst your guests and almost become a stealthy photography ninja.

We’re a great match!

We’re a great match because I can give you all of that because I’m more than capable to work by myself and will make a point of understanding who and what you need photographing.

I will ask questions and clarify all your needs before the event and get on with the task in hand. I will be aware of everything which is going on and use my experience sense of timing to capture the images which will delight you.

I will be upfront with what’s included in my fees and agree copyright, keep communication continuous and I’ll be at the event as long as you need me.

Your attendance at the event was excellent and really well received. I thought that you did a really good job and really built up a good rapport with candidates and your set up was very professional. It was good to offer candidates such a unique service. First class job!

Claire Angus

Head of Recruitment Gateway, Cambridge Network

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