‘Ask The Expert’ session – Facebook Live Stream

When I became a full-time freelance just over three weeks ago I knew I wanted to get more involved with sharing my knowledge with other small businesses. I know how important it is to create great images but did other small businesses know how important it is?

I’m part of Drive The Network – a collaborative and open networking group who aim to be flexible towards networking. One of the brilliant features of this group is to volunteer to share your knowledge and expertise with other members of the group. I’d seen other ask the expert sessions happen in their Facebook group by my good friend Lenka Koppova and David Brown and I volunteered to share my knowledge on creating great images and everything photographic for your small business.

Here’s the video!

It is an hour long so please skip through, there are some great bits of advice in there! I will be creating some easier to consume content from it so make sure you sign up to my newsletter to see all the blogs and videos I create! I loved this experience as I’m learning public speaking is something I really enjoy doing. My skills are there and not really in writing so I’m always interested to hear about more experiences like this.

Here are some tips I shared during the hour about creating great images for your small business:

  1. Create your own great images! You know your own business so take the time to get out there and take some images which reflect your personality and your brand. Don’t rely too heavily on stock sites like Pixabay or Unsplash.
  2. Make sure that your images are sized correctly for their purpose. A LinkedIn image is going to be different from an Instagram image. Use this up to date social media cheat sheet by Sprout Social.
  3. Make sure your image resolution is right for what you’re using it for. Digital images should be set at 72 dpi and images for print 300 dpi.

If you have a question about creating great images for your small business comment below!

If you’d like to explore how I can create professional business portraits or on brand images for your small business why not book a discovery call with me? book here or tweet me: @JemimaWillcox

Jemima Willcox is a personal brand portrait photographer based in Cambridge, UK.

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