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Looking for a corporate photographer in Cambridge? I’m the best person for you. Here’s Why:

It might be easier to ask ‘Bob’ from accounting to take the images you want but you can’t rely on Bob to have the skills, expertise and equipment a professional corporate photographer has.

I know you don’t want someone who doesn’t take attention to detail seriously when provided with your brief. You also don’t enjoy working with someone who doesn’t have the interpersonal skills to be around your employees or doesn’t get your company’s values or aims.

I know you’re worried about not getting the images which fit your brief. Not getting the care and attention you require to get that visual record for your marketing collateral.

I understand that you want someone who communicates well verbally and visually and understands your brief well enough to confidently work with you to blend it with their style. You want them to ask questions about the brief and be flexible within their approach. You want someone with a personality who is friendly, polite and respectful.

That’s how I know we’re a great match; I embody all of the things that you want. I’m able to be flexible with your requirements, understand the brief and if I’m unsure about any detail I will ask for clarification.

It’s important to me that we have a shared understanding of your expectations before any money changes hands.

I love working with charities and social enterprises.

It’s my way of giving back to great causes and supporting ethically minded businesses. If offer a 10% discount on my services if you’re a charity or social enterprise.

Jemima took some outstanding photos of my rental properties for my website. she was highly professional throughout the process, from the initial contact, meeting and briefing through to costing and invoicing.

It was a delight to work with Jemima and I will be happy to use her again for property shots next time I need some. having seen her other portfolio work I would also love to have some portrait and motorbike shots done in the future. Heike Martin

Property Developer

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