Cambridge Business in Pictures

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The Amazing Cambridge Business Profiles!

Here is some intro text for the business profiles.

The Art Of Meat | Cambridge Business In Pictures

The Art Of Meat | Cambridge Business In Pictures

The Art of Meat is a popular independent retail butcher in Arbury Court. Offering the finest local meats and free-range produce, the shop is also renowned for its innovative take on the traditional butcher’s, thanks to its selection of gourmet meat products, created...

Emerald Foods | Cambridge Business In Pictures

Emerald Foods | Cambridge Business In Pictures

Emerald Foods is a much-loved market trader specialising in olives, loose leaf teas, coffee beans and extra-virgin olive oil, as well as a range of herbs and spices, dried fruit, snacks and nibbles. They’ve been a fixture on Cambridge Market since 1993 and are a big...

The Cambridge Fishmonger | Cambridge Business In Pictures

The Cambridge Fishmonger | Cambridge Business In Pictures

Crystal Waters has been a Lowestoft based fishmonger for many years. They produce their own smoked products, and source local sustainable fish for a very popular stand on Cambridge City Market. I caught up with Leigh to have a chat with him about his business.  ...

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