Health and safety isn’t very sexy, is it? Does that phrase conjure up a lot of rules and yellow warning signs?

This is totally the opposite of this week’s #FocusOnThursday, I share the story of Carla Crocombe’s Inspire Brand Portrait Shoot.

Carla Crocombe is the CEO of Safety Rocks. Her company provides professional, engaging, tailored Health, Safety, Environmental, Quality and Management training programs designed for organisations. Normally face to face but recent events have given us valuable experience delivering virtually by dynamic tutors with truly relevant industry experience.

They influence by informing, driving lasting cultural change. Carla and her team rock Health & Safety Training in Cambridge and beyond!

I met Carla during a Network B2B virtual networking event and she gave a presentation on the company and herself.

I personally knew the company as they have offices from Eagle Labs on Chesterton Road and when I’m travelling home, I see their banner in the window.

I was really inspired by Carla’s mission statement:

Safety Rocks Mission is:

  • Eradicate the traditional perception of health and safety training as dull and boring (because they are young and funky)
  • Forge long term partnerships to drive mutual success with our chosen partners (they give more than we receive in payment)
  • Deliver a boutique service that is truly tailored to your needs (they listen to what you want and customise appropriately)
  • ​Set the standard of excellence and lead by example (they are a NEBOSH Gold Learning Partner)
  • Leave an impression on people they work with (we create a deeper understanding and engagement with every interaction)

When I mentioned that I specialised in creating on-brand imagery, Carla said it was time she focused on this, so booked a discovery call with me.


I’d noticed during Carla’s presentation she relied heavily on stock photography. During our discovery call, I went through my 10 key questions to understand her needs better.

When talking to Carla, she was very confident in her answers. I always start my discovery call by asking the client Why now?

Carla was very forthcoming with this. She’s very focused on making sure her work and personal life are two different things. She’s worked very hard over the last 5 years developing Safety rocks and when the pandemic hit her comfort zone with the fact face to face interactions stopped.

She knew that this was an opportunity to invest in her personal brand as most of her training was turning virtual. She needed to be able to communicate her personality and passion for her work and that safety rocks weren’t another dull and boring health and safety training company.



Once Carla had completed her discovery call, I recommend my inspire brand portrait package. This package includes 5 images, 60 minutes shooting and image selection time. It’s a really good starting point when you’re looking for new images.

Carla has an office in Barclay Eagle Labs in Cambridge, which was a perfect location which I’d shot in before with Mel Fielden’s brand portrait shoot. The pandemic meant that I was empty so we had a lot of flexibility with where we could shoot.

I put together a Pinterest board so Carla could share some poses on what she wanted to achieve, and another section on specific features of Eagle labs to focus on.

We’d agreed on a date, I wrote up a shoot plan and shoot advice and pinged it over to Carla.

Shoot Day!

I’ll be totally honest, as this was the first client shoot, I’d done in months due to the pandemic I was nervous. I’d made sure to pack lots of gloves, hand sanitiser and wipes. I think working with a health and safety expert helped, as Carla was very kind and appreciated the extra attention to detail.

We only had an hour (which for two outfits is a rather short amount of time!) but I made a point to rotate around the key areas of the building incorporating the poses Carla had found for inspiration.

We had the Graffiti wall…

The chipboard inspo wall..

The combination of colours were amazing, and Carla made a point of bringing the chair and the cushions with her. Everything just worked so well.

We then moved into the board room where Carla’s Logo is on the wall with other Eagle Lab members.

This was the time to get a bit creative.

I asked Carla to kneel, so the safety rocks logo was above her head. I wanted to bring out her funky side and asked her to look up at the logo! It created this awesome image:

We moved around the lab and feeling confident and relaxed after being a little silly with kneeling in front of her logo I wanted to create some movement. So we experimented with a pose she liked from her mood board, and I asked a person from the bank to help throw paper at her from above. This is what we got…

Below is the best image from that set. Throwing the paper wasn’t a success, but it was more about playing, trying and having some fun.

We ended our session outside. By this time Carla was smiling loads and having a great time! I wanted to give her a selection of images which would work now, and having contrast to the inside imagery was key.

Drumroll Please…

Carla had very clear brand values which during our discovery calls we developed into a plan to create fun, friendly and a different set of imagery.

Kind words:

A big thank you to Jemima for patiently guiding me through the process of brand photography and making me laugh (a lot). We had great fun creating images together that reflect some of the core values of Safety Rocks Limited. After all, even during the toughest of times, we should love what we do and the people we work.

Can I help you?

If this has inspired you to get some brand portraits done, take a look at my packages or book a discovery call with me. Looking forward to talking to you!

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