Welcome to week three of stock photo noughts and crosses!

I thought it’d be interesting to talk about this post I created for LinkedIn:

Can you spot the stock photo?

I thought it’d be really interesting to see if my community, could spot which one was the stock image.

Check out the video below:

I was really happy with this post, that I had over 2,600 views, 70 comments and 10 likes. People were really engaged and really excited and interested to see which image was the stock one. Which one do you think it was?

I won’t leave you in suspense! It was C.

Did you get it right?

Well, you’ll be interested to know that the 40 people that actually voted on it, that C was the highest voted.

A got 8% of the vote, B got 23% of the vote, C, the stock image got 38% of the vote, and D got 33% of the vote.

I’m really fascinated to learn why, and the comments that I got and the feedback was really, really interesting. Comments included it just didn’t feel authentic, it wasn’t real, stock images never feel on brand or authentic, it was just too perfect, and I’m seeing an interesting pattern emerging here with words like it’s not authentic, it’s not on brand, it just looks too perfect.

I find it fascinating to say this, that we are striving for a world around us that is perfect, and we want to reflect that with our businesses, but we’ve got to be honest and be real here that nothing is perfect and neither are our businesses as much as you really want to feel that way.

This comment from Lorena was fantastic, this blew my mind. “Phone cameras nowadays are wonderful in terms of quality for a screen, also I can only trust imperfection.”

Wow, that’s absolutely amazing. Branding is a lot about trust. The visuals put out there is generating trust in your brand, in your services or products, and trust is showing that imperfections are real, they are human by using their imperfections.

What Lorena’s saying here is that she can only trust that imperfection to show a realness and authenticity with what she sees. I think that’s amazing, do you?

People need to get a resolution quickly, but there’s a compromise, and the compromise here is not having something that’s going to be on brand. But people can tell what a stock image is, how it looks because it’s just too perfect.

Our lives are busy and hectic and we need to compromise here and there, and I think that compromise is good to a point, but at the same time we need to make sure that we’re not being generic, we’re not being boring and unremarkable, and that’s what your brand is, it needs to stand out and be remarkable.

I really want help you be remarkable, so why don’t we connect on LinkedIn?

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