Yay! You’re going to #CSMDay2018!

I’m really excited about this event. The line-up is brilliant and I’m looking forward to learning from everyone. I’ve known Lenka for ages and she puts her heart and soul into creating experiences which help people feel more confident with their social media. You’re going to have an awesome time!

As a #CSMDay2018 attendee you know how powerful social media is for growing your brand. Something which makes a difference to how you stand out on social media is the photography you use.

Social media is just that: social.

Your photography should be too. I don’t mean photos of you at parties (that’s something you shouldn’t be sharing on a professional profile). I’m talking about photos which show who you are and reflect your values.

As a photographer, I always want to capture the personality of the person in the picture. I like my subjects to be happy and relaxed and feel they can be themselves. Too often people feel they have to ‘pose’, to act like someone having their photo taken. I create personal brand portraits which show the real you. No standing there with your arms crossed feeling awkward.

Book A Session With Me

I’m delighted that Lenka’s asked me to be #CSMday2018’s official portrait photographer. I’ve put together some exclusive packages just for you. If you are going to be in Cambridge the day before or after #CSMday2018 I would be delighted to take you out in the city for a brand photo shoot. Cambridge is one of the most beautiful places in the UK. We’ll find a location which will make the perfect backdrop for your photos.

Book a package today and make your #CSMday2018 experience extra special.

Fancy a chat?

Are you not sure if the packages suit you or would you like to get to know me better before you book?

Let’s have a chat. You decide if its face to face over a coffee, via video or phone.

My photoshoot with Jemima was amazing. She was very professional and made me feel at ease whilst capturing some amazing angles.

When I received the photos, I was extremely pleased with every single shot.

Suzanna Gorda


I had a lovely time being photographed by Jemima. She really puts you at your ease. She listened to what I wanted and worked to create professional photos I am very happy to share.

I definitely recommend her!

Rachel Extance

Communications Consultant, Extance.co.uk

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