We rocked the house at Cambridge Social Media Day.

I’m just about come down from feeling on cloud 9, and now it’s back to reality. #CSMDay2018 was a triumph.

I had the honour of being the official portrait photographer for Cambridge Social media. I was delighted that there were so much discussion and advice about what a good on brand portrait could do for your business.

This event was an amazing example of how the Cambridge business community came together for a full day of knowledge, networking and learning. And have fun at the same time.

Lenka planned, organised and pulled off an amazing event which brought together our community and amazing speakers. Cambridge didn’t know what had hit ’em with Andrew Pickering & Peter Gartland as the keynote who rightly set the mood for the rest of the day.

Nicole Osborne MCIM got everyone thinking about their personal branding and how they could hashtagBeTheHoff. ?

May King Tsang presented everything you needed to know about Twitter in her unique and engaging way. Her energy was off the chart, along with her honesty and emotion telling her story on being the number one TEAnote speaker. ? ☕

Rachel Extance kicked arse with advice on how storytelling can inspire customers to take action – her talk was so packed it was standing room only. ?

And to you, the Cambridge community I’m part of and whom I love dearly.

I don’t know how I did, but whilst I was shooting I also shot this video of behind the scenes the day before Cambridge Social Media Day and during. Enjoy!

Check out these awesome official images I took:

Lenka Koppova welcomes the delegates

Andrew & Pete bring a different type of Keynote speaking to kick off #CSMDay

Karen Arnott of Arnott Designs and Krishna Solanki deep in discussion

Lenka finally takes a moment to relax

Anne Marie Miller with Nicole Osborne. Anne Marie created amazing sketch notes throughout the day in room one.

From Left to right, Nicky Shephard, Ann Hawkins, Paul Ince, May King Tsang, Rachel Extance, Leanne Ehren, Simon Hall, Lenka Koppova, Nicole Osborne, Andrew, Pete, Natalie Hailey, Tim Lewis, Nicky Pasquier and Pippa Akram.

What did you most enjoy about Cambridge Social Media Day?

Let me know in the comments below or join me on Linkedin!

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