I’m going to tell you the story about an individuals journey of her brand portraits, and the awesome experience she had working with me.

Let’s start right at the beginning…

Suzanna is originally from London but came to Cambridge to study Optometry at Anglia Ruskin. She’s passionate about personal fitness and I’m sure you’d agree we’d call her photogenic.

She studied hard at her degree and graduated in 2017, choosing to return to London to start her career as a dispensing optometrist, along with her other goal to have a six-pack.

An important part of the brand portraits process is really getting to know the individual and understanding what they want from the shoot. It starts with a quick phone call.

I was very excited about Suzanna’s shoot because she wanted to have images of her personal training and professional portraits. Two brand portrait stories from one day!


I then take my clients ideas and go find a suitable location, like for example this gym. Another part of the pre-process is asking for examples of the type of images the client wants.

Suzanna provided me with these which really helped form ideas and what expectations Suzanna had.

We put time aside for a face to face meeting. Through this meeting we really dug deep into what Suzanna wanted from her images, understanding her more as a person we’d formed a plan for the shoot.

Now the fun part, taking the photos!

I wanted to capture Suzanna being a real person. Her goal was to get her six-pack and this was capturing the story to that goal.

We did have the luxury of space to ourselves which helped Suzanna feel comfortable and at ease. My aim was to capture an element of beauty but also strength.


Suzanna emphasised it was important to get a variety of images of her in action, along with showing an element of downtime and reflection during her workout.


This included all the sweat, the pain and capturing that determination she so fiercely possessed.

These images I wanted to communicate that Suzanna takes pride in her personal brand. She wants to communicate that she’s trustworthy.

Most people recognise stock photography but this is clearly showing your dealing with a real person.

It’s an individual who wants to communicate themselves, their personality.

By avoiding using generic stock images you represent yourself authentically with an accurate representation of your brand.

In your business, you want to stand out, portray professionalism so that you will be taken seriously.

You want to communicate relatability.

I wanted to show you that it was possible Suzanna’s images could connect with us on a basic human level. You’ve never met Suzanna but you’ve had the chance to get to know her through her images.

A little bit of social proof, examples of how Suzanna chose to use her brand portraits.

I was delighted with the feedback that Suzanna gave me, and how we connected and had a mutual understanding of how important the correct visual representation is for your business. She’s now gone on to create her own brand for her personal fitness using the images I created for her.

Why should you consider a brand portrait?

  1. Showing integrity in your business
  2. Communicating your personality
  3. Dealing with a real person

For most of you, you are your business, so present yourself in the way you want to be perceived.

Where would you use it?

Consistency over your social media platforms.
Having a bespoke set of images on your website.
Having printed materials which perfectly reflect you.

Why is a benefit?

You Invested in a professional not using amateurish selfies.
Bespoke images – no one else has these images.
Care in your own business.
Have pride in building your brand.

If you’d like to learn more about the brand portrait packages I offer click here. If you’d like to talk to me more please contact me.

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