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How Do You Choose A Portrait Photographer?

You would like to get new headshots taken but there are so many photographers out there - how do you choose? Photography is very personal. What you may like the look of will differ from someone else. You may favor one headshot style over another or you might feel you...

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A Head For Business

Have you looked at your image and branding recently? Social media, particularly the rise of Instagram, has seen a shift in how brands are representing themselves. People want to get to know the people behind the companies they are buying from. Businesses need to show...

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The power of storytelling

From the 27th of January to the 3rd of February is National Storytelling Week. Stories can be very powerful things. For me, they are vehicles to describe, share specific emotions and experiences. As a child, I fondly remember stories of The BFG, the Giraffe and the...

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A day in the life of a portrait photographer

Ever wondered what a Cambridge headshot photographer does during a typical working day? Here's an insight into an average day in my world as a headshots photographer. 07.15 Woken up by the cacophony of my alarm, my fiancé’s alarm and radio four shouting at us to get...

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Why make new year’s resolutions?

Business New Year’s resolutions My goals and aspirations for 2018  Why make new year’s resolutions? When a new year rolls around you’d need to shove your head in the sand for at least the first month of January to avoid the ‘new year new you’ marketing campaigns which...

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My experiences as a dyslexic freelancer

You may have heard the term dyslexic or dyslexia, or you may not know exactly what it means... I'm going to jump in and give you the definition of what that means and how it affects me on a daily basis. Dyslexia is a common learning difficulty that can cause problems...

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What makes a great profile photo?

What makes a great profile picture? A profile picture is something that everybody sees and it only takes 3 seconds for someone to make a judgement on you from your photo. There are some really simple ways to ensure that you are accurately displaying what you look...

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