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Brand Portraits

My brand portrait clients experience an entirely unique photoshoot experience, from which they gain a bespoke set of beautiful photographs tailored exactly to their brand.

From start to finish, the entire process is organised by myself and my team, right down to the exact location and setting.

Prior to the shoot, I provide a short questionnaire to all clients so that I can learn about their brand and understand what they want to portray. They will have the opportunity to talk through their ideas, and I will then provide an online mood board for us both to add ideas and inspiration to.

As many of my clients have not had a professional photoshoot before, I also offer advice about how to relax, and how to appear as natural as possible – even if they are feeling nervous (which is totally natural and expected!). I am also able to give my clients advice on what to wear if they wish, and what to expect during a session.

Clients can choose their images at the end of the shoot, and I can offer guidance and advice if they are not sure which ones to pick.

Added value comes from the additional services I offer such as video footage and blogging, which can be used as social media content.

I’m all about creating a fun, relaxed experience that you’ll walk away from feeling empowered, knowing that your true personality has been captured.

Through my photography, I endeavour to tell your story in a unique way. My methods and techniques will help you stand out in a crowded market, and, in turn, enable you to attract your ideal client.


As a leader in my field, I create images that are not only unique and engaging but clearly portray the company’s culture and its values. I understand the current trends in websites and design and incorporate these into my work so that my corporate clients not only attract the customers they want to deal with but the staff they want to hire.

My ideas for corporate shoots are tried and tested. I have worked with a variety of corporate clients, all of which have had very different briefs, and have achieved exactly what they have asked for, while still incorporating a unique style and level of finesse.

I provide an itemised list of services which can save the business time with the production of their marketing collateral. From this, they can pick and choose what they want depending on their budget and requirements.


Creating imagery which can be used to evoke that feeling of FOMO from your prospective audience is a fantastic tool for marketing your event, and I will ensure you attract the type of people you want in attendance.

I have a real knack for understanding what you want to achieve and can provide suggestions on how to do this if you’re not sure, or if you have a few loose ideas. Time is not an issue – I will be there for as long as you need me.

I can create images that will conjure up the perfect balance of curiosity and ardour with your audience and will ensure they’re left not just wanting but needing to know more about your event. Let the pictures do the talking – the tickets will sell themselves.

During the event, I will work swiftly and unobtrusively to capture the atmosphere and images you need. I understand how important it is to get these images back to you in a timely manner. I set to work on event images as soon as I am in my studio the following day so that you are all set with your killer marketing material for that press release.

Who are my services for?

I create brilliant brand portraits for amazing people in business.

You may be a sole trader or small business owner who wants some stand-out images for your social media, or a company CEO who needs new staff headshots but doesn’t want to go down the old-fashioned suit and tie, corporate route.

I work with businesses, both large and small, to create on-brand portraits and environmental imagery of their staff to use on their websites, social media and all round marketing collateral.

I help businesses put charisma and identity at the forefront of their empire by showcasing their employees’ personalities, and this, in turn, helps find the right people to hire.

I work with event organisers to create amazing images of their event to create fear of missing out for their attendees and content they can use to publicise their events in the future.

I love working with people who have charisma, uniqueness and determination, and who are open to all kinds of ideas and plans.

Why should you work with me?

My packages include studio or on-location images that have a real focus on your brand. I pride myself on my flexibility and can create bespoke packages to fit your plans if you are unable to pick from one of my pre-made packages.

For my corporate and event clients, no brief is the same so I always like to organise a call to discuss your brief and budget. This allows me to talk through your ideas, tell you some of mine, and, ultimately, to see if we’re a good fit to work together.

I have been published over 20 times both nationally and internationally. My work has been featured in exhibitions in London and Cambridge, and I have appeared on national TV and radio talking about my work. I have spoken at The Cambridge Marketing Meetup, The WordPress Meetup and Cambridge Business Women, and would love to do more public speaking. I also have run an event titled ‘It’s Not Failing, It’s Learning’, which was a celebration of two years running my business.

I regularly attend networking events in Cambridge and have built a great network full of local professionals. I’m always happy to recommend a fellow person in business and connect you with the right individual or company to solve your issues If I can’t help already.

What are my brand values?

*Read with an official sounding voice*…

Jemima Willcox Photography creates brilliant brand portraits for amazing business and their people.

The images Jemima creates makes her clients stand out in a crowded market, attracts the right customers and generates FOMO around their events.

I’ve created a list of 11 values which I will hold myself to these standards and gives you an understanding of the values I hold as a person and as a business owner.

1) I listen.

I understand what you want by use of discovery calls, questionnaires and proposals which helps me actively listen to your needs as my client.

2) Prices will not be hidden.

I will always be up front with how much you should expect to invest with me, what my sessions include and what they don’t include.

My package prices for studio headshots and brand portraits are clearly visible. As each clients needs are different when organising an event or corporate shoot I create a bespoke quote depending on the brief, and I will provide a price list which outlines my day rates and services I provide.

3) Diversity is key.

I will not discriminate against sex, gender, race, age, religion. I champion difference with and for all my clients.

4) Magnanimous is my middle name… (actually, it’s Anne)

I will always be approachable, and go that little bit extra to help to put you at ease. I will be kind to your needs and be empathetic towards you.

5) Stop. Collaborate & Listen

I will work collaboratively with you and understand what you need but I will encourage you to think outside the box by providing ideas and suggestions which will be different and sometimes unexpected. I’m not afraid to try new things, even if it scares me.

6) My focus is Brand photography.

I create portraits of amazing businesses and their people doing what they’re best at, and nothing else. You will not find me photographing a wedding, a family portrait or a child’s birthday party. By focusing in on one type of portraiture I understand how to do it expertly.

7) Your satisfaction is my goal.

With 10 years of customer service experience I know the difference between a good experience and an amazing experience. I will make your experience with me remarkable and I will go the extra mile to make that happen.

8) Your personality defines the image, not my style.

I work very hard to understand your brand, how you want to be perceived and plan out how we’re able to collaboratively create this. I will not force my own style of imagery into your imagery. Brand portraits are all about you, not me.

9) I am the best at being modest.

I know the right level of bigging myself up and showing off works for me but I know when to draw the line at arrogance and big headedness. I am a business owner and I need to share my work, but I will do it in the right way which holds integrity and a certain level of modesty.

10) I am a connector.

If there’s someone in my network who could solve a problem for you, I will go out of my way to connect you both. I encounter people in various different stages of their business, and by helping you connect with the right person, service or tool help them grow. Their success is my success.

11) I will recommend my peers.

If you want a service, I don’t provide I will recommend another expert in what they do. I’m not in the market to badmouth other skilled photographers because they have their own unique talents and the majority of them are thoroughly lovely people..

How did I get started as a photographer?

When I was a small child, I would watch my father photographing people. My father is a warm, friendly and silly character whose characteristics I’ve taken on myself. I’m a people person first and foremost, and I love to learn about everybody I meet.


It’s wonderful when I capture a decisive moment of a person’s emotion, be it if happy or sad. Capturing that moment of their personality and their story is what I live for. It’s not posed, it’s capturing a single moment of you being your authentic self.


And that’s what matters. You.


I also live for human connection. Real, unadulterated, honest connection. I want to be able to connect with you to get the best from your portraits. Normally this from the dedication and time I put into developing relationships and really learning about you. From this understanding, I possess magic when working with you. I translate your personality and story into an engaging and interesting image which truly represents you as an individual.


I don’t believe you need to be photogenic, or that there’s a conventional style of beauty as being you is enough – you’re human, right? I know you might feel uncomfortable in front of the camera and this is perfectly natural (I mean who doesn’t?!) but it’s my job to help guide you, all you need to do is turn up and be yourself.


The most important thing for me to do is to put you at ease. You choose how much you’d like to go with the flow or indulge in working with my team and having the options of a personal stylist, hair stylist and or makeup artist. All of my other clients have commented on how I have the skill to put them at ease. I have the right type of personality and manner to help you relax into an honestly slightly daunting situation, relax and have fun. 


After all isn’t that what life’s about, having fun?


Put yourself in my hands. I’m dedicated to telling your story in the best way my creative brain can – and let’s have a right good old time doing it! I’ve had that inner voice tell me how ugly my double chin is, that my clothes are horrible or I can’t take a good photo.


But I know that horrible inner voice is wrong, because I’m the ringmaster of my show called ‘Life’ – and you can be ringmaster too.


Bring all your fears, insecurities and worries because without them you are not complete, and you’ll be safe and sound with me.


In 2012 I graduated from Anglia Ruskin University with a BA Hons in Photography. I then moved to Manchester to pursue a career as a photographer but that came to a dead end, and I ended up working in a car insurance call centre. I wasn’t happy.


After nine months up north, I decided to move back to Cambridge where I met my fiancé.


I’ve always been fascinated with marketing and photography, and they go hand in hand so I decided to move more into social media management. I worked for a local award winning optometrist as their social media manager for two years.


During my time with them I created their profiles and built their audience on Instagram, became the official eyewear sponsor for Cambridge Style Week and also successfully contributed to winning the public vote for Optometry Practice of the Year in 2017.


I was working full time in different admin jobs, but spent my evenings and weekends working on different social media campaigns. After a while, I landed a job in marketing which turned out to be a mistake. I hated it!


This gave me the push to go part-time with my day job, and start my photography business.


And here I am now.

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Jemima did a really good job and really built up a good rapport with candidates – first class job!

Claire Angus

Head of Recruitment Gateway, Cambridge Network

Jemima’s photography is done seamlessly, no matter how complex or demanding the job might be. She always does so with a smile on her face! A pleasure to work with.

Leo Ritzel

Creative Director, Brand Anonymous

Jemima is lovely to work with, she puts you at ease and really listens to make sure she understands what you’re looking for!

Jade Hockey

Elevate PA

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