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Hello, your awesome person. I’m Jemima and I shoot people. I help businesses create the right image.

From when I was a small child, I used to watch my father photographing people. My father is a warm, friendly and silly character which now I’m an adult I’ve taken these characteristics on. Making up silly lyrics to songs (did I mention I really love to sing?) I’ve also taken on how much I love to learn about people. First and foremost, I’m a people photographer.

There’s something wonderful to capture a decisive moment of a person’s emotion, be it if they’re happy or sad, capturing that moment of their personality and their story is what I live for. It’s not posed, it’s capturing a single moment of you being your authentic self.

And that’s what matters. You.

I also live for human connection. Real, unadulterated, honest connection. I want to be able to connect with you to get the best from your portraits. Normally this from the dedication and time I put into developing relationships and really learning about you. From this understanding, I possess a magic where when working with you I translate your personality and story into an engaging and interesting image which really represents you as an individual.

I don’t believe you need to be photogenic, or that there’s a conventional style of beauty as being you is enough, you’re human right? I know you might feel uncomfortable in front of the camera and this is perfectly natural (I mean who doesn’t?!) but It’s my job to help guide you, all you need to do is turn up.

The most important thing for me to do is to put you at ease. You choose how much you’d like to be completely natural or indulge with my stylist, hair and makeup packages. All of my other clients have commented on how I have the skill to put them at ease. I have the right type of personality and manner to help you relax into an honestly slightly daunting situation, relax and have fun. After all isn’t that what life’s about, having fun?

I specialise in working with female business owners and entrepreneurs but if you’re a lovely gentleman please don’t be put off as it’s not a deal breaker.

I just ask, put yourself in my hands and I am sure you’ll have an amazing time. I’m dedicated to telling your story in the best way my creative brain can and let’s have a right good old time doing it. I’ve had that inner voice say “how ugly that double chin is, your clothes are horrible and you can’t take a good photo” But I know that horrible inner voice is wrong because I’m the ringmaster of my show called life and you can be too. Bring all your fears, insecurities and worries because without them you are not complete, and you’ll be safe and sound with me.

If you want to talk more (I love a good chat) about working with me and you’d never considered a brand portrait shoot then here’s my final word to you: what can you lose?

Jemima did a really good job and really built up a good rapport with candidates – first class job!

Claire Angus

Head of Recruitment Gateway, Cambridge Network

Jemima’s photography is done seamlessly, no matter how complex or demanding the job might be. She always does so with a smile on her face! A pleasure to work with.

Leo Ritzel

Creative Director, Brand Anonymous

Jemima is lovely to work with, she puts you at ease and really listens to make sure she understands what you’re looking for!

Jade Hockey

Elevate PA

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