Ever wondered what a Cambridge headshot photographer does during a typical working day?

Here’s an insight into an average day in my world as a headshots photographer.


Woken up by the cacophony of my alarm, my fiancé’s alarm and radio four shouting at us to get out of bed along with our cat Millie climbing up the curtains. Time to get up.


Walk my fiancé to the bus stop. When working from home having a routine really helps you get yourself set up for the day and this is part of mine.


It’s time for my weekly yoga session with Karen Ecklund. It’s something I really enjoy and really puts me in the right mindset for the rest of the day. When I leave the session, I feel so calm and relaxed.


I arrive at Cambridge Business Lounge. I’ve found it an invaluable place to work from. Not only that I get to work around some amazingly talented individuals and I find myself to be a lot more productive than working at home.

a colour photo of a chalkboard advertising a coworking space

I find myself being more productive when working from a coworking space.


Quick catch up with Ed Goodman. It’s so handy to have someone like him to bounce ideas off, and I also enjoy winding him up about his dislike of the use of words such as solopreneur and mumpreneur. He makes a very good point that no one is alone when they run their own business.


My prospective client Letisa calls me for our discovery chat to discuss creating some personal brand portraits for her business. Whilst making notes I learn a lot about Letisa; she’s looking for images to use for her website, social media, podcasting and blogging to express her authentic representation of being a little quirky and individual.


Just enough time to check my email and have a scroll through Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram and see what’s been going on this morning.


Lunchtime! Which I’m especially looking forward to as I regularly meet with my business ladies Rachel Extance and Lenka Koppová. We meet fortnightly to catch up, support each other and share the local business gossip!

A selfie taken of three business women

Having a support network is vital.


I arrive back to my studio and get myself ready for my client’s headshot session. I make sure that I’ve got their personalised playlist going, and this one is pretty awesome which leads me to dance a bit around the studio to Millie (our cat’s) amusement. Lighting is all set up, his chosen beverage is ready to go and there’s a plate of homemade cookies sat on the table.



Tom arrives bang on time (which is something I admire, punctuality is a very important trait in a person) and I welcome him. Over a coffee, we have a good chat about what he’s been up to and what he’s hoping to get out of this photo session. Tom tells me that he really hates his photo being taken so he normally defaults into pulling faces and being silly which leads him to pull a face.

Snap, I capture him pulling a face which instantly appears on the monitor on top of the table next to him. We both burst out into fits of giggles which really lightens the mood! We play around with different poses, sitting and standing along with his second outfit change. At the end of the shoot, we sit down to review the images I’d taken and get Tom to choose a final 10 images from what we’d got.

A professional portrait of a man

One of the final images from Tom’s professional headshot session.


I tidy the studio up and shoo Millie away from trying to climb up onto the backdrop and turn everything off for the evening. My fiancé comes home from work shortly after and we catch up on each other’s day.


My final check of email for the day, which I make sure to follow up with the morning’s communication and send Tom an email thanking him for such an enjoyable shoot in the afternoon. I upload a couple of behind the scenes shots to Instagram and Twitter.


Arrived early to a networking event. This one I especially love due to the brilliant people who attend and the collaborative atmosphere it creates. Get to catch up with some friends I’d not seen in a while and get to know some new ones.

A group image of people talking to one another

Networking really expands your connections and gives you face to face time with other business owners.


It’s been a bit of a crazy long day, I get home and I’m shattered! Time for some chocolate and some Star Trek Deep Space Nine on Netflix with my fiancé.


Bedtime. Select an old episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage on Radio 4 and fall asleep soon after.

What did you think of my day, was it what you were expecting? Let me know in the comments below or Tweet me your thoughts.


On the 1st of February 2018, my prices will increase. I have a couple of slots left for headshots sessions during January.

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Jemima Willcox is a personal brand portrait photographer based in Cambridge, UK.

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