493 Days

A Story of Women's Resilience

493 Days A Story Of Women’s resilience is a documentary project highlighting women’s lives in the last 18 months.


What inspired me to start this project?

Deloitte did a survey of nearly 400 women across nine different countries. And they found seven out of 10 women experienced negative shifts and their routine because of COVID and believe their career progression slowed right down.

Deloitte’s survey I felt it came across as rather negative, but it sparked a question in me.

If nearly 82% of the women they surveyed had had negative experiences with the pandemic, what about the positives?

  •  What about the struggles?
  • What about overcoming?
  • What about the positive changes women have made in their lives during this time?

And this is why I’ve decided to launch 493 Days, A Story of Women’s Resilience.

It’s going to take shape as a photography and videography documentary project, where I document women’s challenges, their lives, that overcomes the changes they have made, the difference they have done, and the experiences they had in the last 18 months.

Tempted to get involved?

I really would love to hear your story. Don’t be shy!

Who’s this project for?

it’s open to everyone in the UK and also worldwide.

For those unable to come to our studio in Cambridge, we’ll do a virtual session.

My timeline to get this going is the next three months and I have a goal of a hundred women to interview and photograph.

Why the number 493?

493 days represents the number of days between the first UK lockdown, which starts on the 16th of March, 2020, to the 19th of July, 2021. Optimistically dubbed Freedom Day. I feel is important to reflect on this time, to document the changes in women, what they’ve experienced, how they’ve overcome, what they’ve done to change their lives, all the struggles they have experienced in such a difficult collectively shared period.

Why am I doing this project now?

We launched this project on the 19th of July 2021 when England eased all restrictions on social interaction.

The rest of the UK followed suit.

We’re coming out the other side of restrictions on our lives and it’s a good time to reflect.

Curious about getting involved?

I really would love to hear your story. Don’t be shy!

Why do I care about this project?

I’m a woman in business. I have my responsibilities. I’m a wife, I’m a daughter, I’m a sister. And I feel that there has been a unique story being played out by all the women in all the world, how they’ve experienced the pandemic in many ways.

From having to struggle with childcare to having to manage home education, making different changes like leaving jobs they hated because they didn’t have to do that awful commute anymore.

And changing where they live to be international, to moving to different places.

I care because these stories need to be told. They need to be highlighted and shown that yes, we have had a terrible time.

Things have been awful, but it’s enabled women to take hold of their lives, shake them up, and really change what they’ve been doing.

And it’s important to me because I want to share these stories.

I’m hoping to achieve a collection, a documentation of this time period, to show the world, to show other women that there are opportunities to be taken.

There are life-changing events that happened during the awful pandemic which are positive, that we can take hold of and run with.

I want to achieve documentation of these in photographic and video form for future generations to understand what it was like.

What changes happened? what spurred on the collective motivation? and the resilience of the many, many women in this world and that’s why I want to do this project.

What do I need from you?

These stories don’t need to be exuberant or extravagant. They’re documentation of day-to-day lives and I really would like you to take part.

To take part is super simple.

All you need to do is click this link, which will take you to a form. Fill in that form and I will be in touch.

Please share this with your friends. Please tag people in this. Let them know this project is happening and let them know that being part of this is going to be fantastic so I implore you, get involved.

I’d be ecstatic to hear from you and if there’s anybody who would like to collaborate or do more with this project, do let me know.

I cannot wait to show you the results of 493 Days.

It’s gonna be a fantastic project and we’ll be able to share these stories to inspire others and let people know how resilient and how amazing women are.

Want to get involved?

Fill in the form by clicking the button below

Your attendance at the event was excellent and really well received. I thought that you did a really good job and really built up a good rapport with candidates and your set up was very professional. It was good to offer candidates such a unique service. First class job!
Claire Angus

Head of Recruitment Gateway, Cambridge Network

we are really pleased with the headshots Jemima has taken, exactly what we are looking for. We have been massively impressed by Jemima’s professionalism and the quality of her output so thank you for all your hard work! We look forward to working with you again next year.

Oxford Summer Courses

Jemima is a Joy! I have never had head shots taken before so stepping in front of the camera was daunting but Jemima made the whole process really quite enjoyable! She made me laugh, she put me at ease and even made me feel quite beautiful! The whole process was quick, smooth, professional and friendly.
I would not hesitate to recommend Jemima’s services to a friend – no one will regret working with her!
Charli Andrews

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Jemima was the official photographer at the Intellectuals’ Challenge competition; she was easy to get along with, very cheerful, and had a great way and sense of self. Even as she was taking photos, she blended in with the venue easily and got some great shots. Highschoolers can get jittery with a camera pointed at them, but everything went amazingly well! A complete success, in my opinion; her photos turned out great!
Uma Hamzic

University Undergraduate, Bibo Global Opportunity

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